Information for parents

Dear parents,

with this informational text, we want to give you and your child some insight into our system, in case you have any concerns about what your child is doing.

Mine-Hoster is a prepaid server hoster. We offer our services on a prepaid basis, so means that when your child loads up credits via PayPal or other payment methods, a product can be purchased from us. Once the product expires it is often known that the product will automatically renew and money will be deducted from your account. This is explicitly not the case with us. In order to continue using the server, it must be manually renewed.

However, if there are any questions or concerns on your part, please feel free to contact us by phone or in writing.

Contact details ist ein Label der nexserv GmbH

nexserv GmbH
Kapellenstraße 22
82008 Unterhaching

Telefon: +49 89 277 8231
Telefax: +49 89 277 8231-1

Minecraft boosts your kids' creativity

Build your own world at a young age.

The principle of Minecraft is simple: everything is made of blocks that are dismantled, processed and then rebuilt. Thus, the fun and learning potential unfolds even for younger children because a Lego box is now virtually available to build with in a variety of ways. Depending on the drive, this can promote creative thinking, developing solution strategies, organization and planning. Minecraft is also used as a game in various educational institutions. In one Swedish school, the game is even a compulsory subject.

No contract period & flexible

Rent only the server resources you need and pay on a PrePaid basis without having to sign up to any annoying contracts.

Unlike other providers, all our services are prepaid (PrePaid payment) and not automatically renewed. Thus, you decide how long you pre-pay for which service. After the expiration of the term you have the choice to extend the service. If you do not do anything, the server will expire and you will not incur any further costs.

You choose between different payment methods (PayPal, paysafecard, SOFORT Überweisung, Call2Pay or prepayment.)

Minecraft Server starting from just € 1,00

Simple principle for just a simple euro.

With our cheapest package (1 GB stone), we offer a full-fledged Minecraft server starting at just one euro for a 30-day term. This server is enough for small servers with about 1-4 players. The server can be upgraded at any time if needed, so you can change performance flexibly.